Preventative Maintenance

At CBD Air we offer Preventative Maintenance  (PM) strategies to our corporate customers.  Our dedicated team of professionals are highly skilled in maintaining and upgrading corporate and industrial equipment to maximise efficiency and reduce downtime.  The CBD Air PM strategy includes:

Systematic inspections



Prevention of incipient failures

These strategies are developed as part of a fundamental, planned maintenance activity designed to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned maintenance activity. Effective PM strategies will enable your business to meet the organisation’s strategic output objectives but also all regulatory and statutory compliance requirements


There is a definite link between reliability, productivity and maintenance of equipment and the major benefits to your business of having a CBD Air PM strategy in place include:

reduced energy costs

preservation of capital assets and

to fulfill safety, insurance and regulatory obligations

We have worked within a wide range of industries and sectors and we have gained invaluable knowledge that enables us to provide customer-specific advice and solutions to suit your business needs.  We strongly feel that preventive maintenance on allequipment is essential to ensure that it works correctly and efficiently within its design parameters. Nobody can foresee the future; therefore, a strategic PM reduces the risk of costly capital outlay as a result of downtime and outages.


In addition, PM measures can drastically reduce errors in daily operations and be effective in managing emergencies.  With a tailored PM strategy, developed specifically for your business, the equipment is repaired and serviced before failures occur. The frequency of maintenance activities will be predetermined by schedules which shall be regularly reviewed and updated to reduce the risk of expensive failure consequences.


At CBD Air, we have PM goals specifically aimed at improving and extending the life of the equipment and preventing excess depreciation and impairment. Our PM strategies may include the following, but needs will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on your business needs:






Extension of equipment life

We understand that your company relies on having equipment that is safe, reliable and running at optimum capacity.  Our commitment to you is to create a strategy that ensures a safe operation, fits in with your business needs, increases operational efficiency and fulfils your business’s statutory and regulatory requirements.


To get started on your business’s PM strategy, call us today.  Our highly skilled and professional staff, all of whom are experts in their field, can evaluate your PM needs to keep your business functioning at optimum levels.