Asset Life Cycle Audits

Asset lifecycle audits are a valuable exercise as they provide a unique insight into areas for improvement and to measure asset efficacy across various stages of the lifecycle, including all touch-points.  CBD Air believes that effective asset lifecycle audits can have a crucial impact on a customer’s revenue and overall environmental performance.


Owners and Operators of commercial properties are facing increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption and improve the environmental performance of their facilities.  Conducting asset lifecycle audits is key to providing actionable inputs in measuring, managing and improving environmental performance.


The source of the increasing pressure can be traced back to a number ofmarket drivers, including:

Increasing energy costs

Increasing levels of legislation with the introduction of Mandatory Disclosure for Commercial Buildings;

Precise temperature and humidity control environments

Increasing tenants demands with all Government tenants now requiring a minimum NABERS Star rating for leased space

Increasing evidence that buildings with high NABERS Ratings will have a greater return on investment, lower tenancy churn rate and increased capital value.

CBD Air can tailor, and monitor programs developed specifically for each customer and each facility to meet industry performance requirements, including:

Identifying energy saving measures;

A designated NABERS Star rating to meet leasing obligations

Advice and assistance in obtaining any available funding

Meeting internal corporate objectives to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Energy Performance Contracts

Maintenance regimes enhancing energy efficiency

At CBD Air, we have the professional capability to map all interaction points of the lifecycle and audit them for compliance and improvement opportunities.  Our audits will expose potential areas for improvement, including identifying energy conservation measures, and shortfalls in areas of compliance.


If you are interested in completing an asset lifecycle for your business, contact us today!